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The new dimension of

packaging proofing

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Prototype Proofing from GMG:
as impressive as the
finished products

Better the proof on the table or the packaging in your hands?


Accurate in color and feel

Every packaging professional has experience in this dilemma: a proof is a proof. The colors might be accurate, but it's just a far stretch to the final product.

With Prototype Proofing, you are entering a new dimension: GMG is now supporting a whole range of typical production substrates - of course with superior color accuracy.

Brands, prepress experts and printers are all in agreement: the proof not only looks perfect, but is also feels like the finished product.

This is exactly what the final print feels and looks like

Superior color management technology is key to a solution that inspires everyone involved


  • Prototype Proofing enables the assessment of accurate color in combination with the feel of the chosen substrate.

  • The effect of white ink can now be assessed even on metallic or transparent substrates.

  • Award-winning color management from GMG delivers precise results right from the start.

  • Profile creation for a variety of approved substrates is done effortlessly thanks to the user-friendly tool.


Transforming predictability into tangible results: Prototype Proofing from GMG


A prepress process is based on many accurate predictions. The truth is: technical know-how makes all the difference.  At the same time, we also know that successful client relationships benefit from enthusiasm about the tangible product. Prototype Proofing from GMG turns technology into an experience.


  • As the De-facto standard in packaging proofing, GMG is regarded globally as a reliable authority for accurate color.

  • From aluminium to transparent foil – GMG‘s Prototype Proofing enables the use of a wide range of packaging substrates.

  • Every substrate approved by GMG has undergone extensive tests to ensure accurate and consistent color results.


“The colorimetric quality is convincing and brings us the flexibility and speed we offer on paper to a range of different film types.”

Ole Rolff,

Technical Director abc packmedia


Proof or Print? 

Zoom in!

Are you looking at a duplicated image or is this indeed a proof and the final print result side by side? 


  • At GMG, we are used to looking closely: simply click the buttons and see for yourself.

  • The screen display is good. The real samples are better. Use the contact form to request your personal samples today.


Order your own samples from GMG now!


See, feel and compare for yourself:

We will send you our original packaging samples – produced using flexographic printing – and the Prototype Proof for comparison.


Jens Bloeck

GMG Product Management

Go one step further with proofing and inspire all process partners with a solution from GMG


Enthusiastic customers

Finally proofs that not only look like the final product, but also feel like it

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Optimal communication

Creation and production go hand in hand right from the start

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Efficient production

Quicker make-ready on press and a more efficient client approval process



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